Sustainability in practice!

Ersa has been engaged in the repair of electronic assemblies for 25 years. The focus here is particularly on the rework of highly polarized SMT components. In times of component shortages and interrupted supply chains, it is more important than ever to maintain the value already achieved…

Precision and reliability during the equipping of prototype boards

The increasing trend towards miniaturisation throughout the electronic segment has a major influence on the sensor systems used. Sensors should be as small as possible, yet at the same time extremely powerful and sturdy. With these requirements in mind, a series of tasks that demand a high level of both flexibility and precision have to …

Precision and reliability during the equipping of prototype boards >

From micro to mega

Electro mobility, automation, autonomous driving, 5G-communication and Industry 4.0 are major current trends which, in many areas of life, go hand- in- hand with extensive digitalization. All of these require electronic solutions and increasing computing capacity in systems and equipment. For the developers and manufacturers of corresponding technology, this means great potential and well-filled order …

From micro to mega >

Impressive sample soldering across the board

The advantages of selective soldering compared with wave soldering are obvious: improved quality, greater process reliability, lower energy and solder consumption, reduced thermal stress for the printed circuit board and greater design options overall thanks to customizsed settings for every solder joint. The extent to which a selective soldering system complies with customer requirements can …

Impressive sample soldering across the board >

Best BTC prototype production

Ersa is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers of soldering systems in the world. With the presentation of the latest additions to the rework family at the productronica 2019 and APEX 2020 trade fairs, Ersa underlined its strong position, which includes close customer relations and consistent further development of technologies to benefit users.

Rework Evolution!

Ersa has now been successfully active in the repair of electronic assemblies for more than 20 years. Since the introduction of the first units in 1997, several thousand rework systems and stations have been delivered and installed worldwide. With the presentation of the most recent family member at productronica 2019, Ersa is underlining its strong …

Rework Evolution! >

HR 600 XL: Big Boards Rework is feasible!

Reworking printed circuit boards is the supreme discipline in electronics manufacturing – especially when it comes to big boards in 625 x 625 mm format. High expertise and state-of-the-art equipment are absolutely necessary for such a rework. Especially the soldering and desoldering of BGAs and QFPs requires sensitivity and experience.

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